Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The Years of 25,000 Breaths

My TIME is Done
I am Free to GO

sos breath page 498 - pasternak

sos breath page 499 - pasternak

sos breath page 500 - pasternak

Don't Hold Your Breath

Like the marks on a prison cell wall, counting the days down to freedom. I made it to the 500 and I am free to move on but I know I will continue because that is what I do. It's already happening with sheet No.503 but I will no longer be posting any more of these. It's not as though I had any goal in mind. This process is eternal. It started many years before this set which I have posted examples of periodically and it will continue in various forms in years to come.

These are figurative works, in one and or all aspects of what a human being is.