Saturday, October 22, 2011


Waiting for a Breath Grenades show to start - Winnipeg - Ellice Theatre - 11.08.20

Believe it or not. Automatic people. My doodles have changed over the years. Most all the time now, my waiting-breath doodles and phone doodles become people or they are about people. It's a pattern that grew over time. You can even say that they evolved over time to where they just come out this way. And no two people are alike. Who are they and what they are doing will be discussed in further notes.

Waiting for Sunday - 11.08.21

Waiting for dinner at Clay Oven - Winnipeg - 11.08.26

Listening to radio program on bio-mimicry - 11.09.23

Waiting - 11.09.26

Waiting for concert at Nuit Blanche - Winnipeg - 11.10.01

Waiting for leaves to fall - Winnipeg - 11.10.05

Waiting on a bench - Winnipeg - 11.10.05

Waiting for a flat tire - Winnipeg - 11.10.16