Monday, July 31, 2017


298... 299... 300

15,000 Minutes Of My Soul

I did not think that I would be at my job at ipsos long enough to have accumulated 300 sheets of the Breath Drawings. With an average of 50 doodles on a page, this amounts to 15,000 drawings!

S.O.S. sheet No.296

S.O.S. sheet No.297

S.O.S. sheet No.298

S.O.S. sheet No.299

S.O.S. sheet No.300

Friday, May 27, 2016


S.O.S. sheet No.171

     Two years have past since my previous Doodle Babel post. Have I been sitting idle you ask? I am still waiting. Like on a desert island, waiting for rescue. I have an unlimited supply of 8.5 x 11 inch paper and enough Blue Ball Point Bic Pens to sink the Titanic. I now have 171 of these sheets with an average of 50 drawings on each one, totaling about 8,550 drawings. That's a fun and perplexing notion.

S.O.S. sheet No.170

S.O.S. sheet No.169

Friday, May 9, 2014


Last fall I started a job as an interviewer at a market research company. Between automated dialing to a new respondent there is lag time. This time between phone calls can be anywhere from a micro second to a few minutes. We are allowed to amuse ourselves during these moments by reading, doing crosswords or whatever. Some people do crafts and some draw and some are on their electro gadgets.

I have a hard time reading between these moments, so I've opted to doodle and this works very fine for me. These drawings are a continuation of my doodle forms, and as you can see there is a regular format that has developed nicely after the first few pages. I have here the first 8 pages plus my most recent page no.38. The formats for pages 9-37 remain all the same. I am still constantly amazed at how similar and yet entirely different each drawing is.